About us

Who we are

Since its inception in 2006, CDH, a Montreal-based organization, was created to offer therapeutic and recreational programs in support of children and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Our organization offers multiple services including professional speech therapy, occupational therapy, an early intervention and social skills program, adult education, and family support.

CDH is also your gateway to a greater network of information, essential services, and resources aimed at the individual’s overall development and integration.

Those who participate in our program have made significant gains in many areas of their development including language and motor skills, and interaction with others.

All services are offered within a stimulating and nurturing environment ultimately aimed at helping those with special needs reach their full potential.

Our mission

To enrich the lives of individuals and families of those with special needs.

Our vision

A world where the potential of individuals with intellectual and/or physical challenges can bloom.

Our values

We value caring, development & integration; realizing full human potential.

Directors of Centre of Dreams & Hopes

Board of Directors

  • Josie Primiani
    Josie Primiani President
  • Abby Peluso
    Abby Peluso Secretary
  • Linda Cianfaglia
    Linda Cianfaglia Treasurer
  • Vito Vassallo
    Vito Vassallo
  • Donna Ferracane
    Donna Ferracane
  • Peter Balasco
    Peter Balasco
  • Pina Teoli
    Pina Teoli
  • Alain Fournier
    Alain Fournier

Centre of Dreams and Hopes
12550, boul. Lacordaire
Montréal-Nord, Québec
H1G 4L8
(514) 327-6667